The House

It was in 1962 that about fifty winemakers from different villages in the Aube department that is: BARoville, FONTaine and ARConville, all in the region known as Côte des Bar, join together to create « la Coopérative Vinicole de la Région de Baroville ». At first, it was just a simple pressing centre, but the Cooperative develops and starts producing its own brand of champagne under the name: « DE BARFONTARC ».

Situated in Baroville, these same wine makers remain grouped together working on 125 hectares of vineyards in 8 surrounding villages and around twenty people are employed here all year long.
Over the years, The DE BARFONTARC House has been able to develop a large range of fruity champagnes, typical of the terroir of the southern part of the Champagne region, and often receives medals for its champagnes. 

DE BARFONTARC : a champagne, a style, a brand present both in France and abroad and a place where champagne lovers are welcomed in the champagne region they also love !